fred-olsen-cruisesFred. Olsen Cruise Lines will make its maiden voyage to Falmouth Port of Call, Jamaica during the 2016-2017 cruise shipping season. This was showcased in the British based cruise line’s Worldwide Cruises 2016/17 brochure.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is a small line, but appears to be in expansion mode for the upcoming season. Their four cruise ships are to make a record 23 maiden calls and visit a total of 253 destinations in 84 countries in 2016-2017. We are happy that our port in Falmouth has been chosen as one of those destinations.

Fred. Olsen ships are relatively small vessels compared to the huge ships to which we have been accustomed here in Falmouth. Their flagship is the Balmoral, which hosts 1350 guests and has a gross tonnage of 43,537 GT.


We are not sure when or how often Fred. Olsen ships will be docking in Falmouth. We welcome Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines to Falmouth, Jamaica.


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