Romando Anderson Commits Suicide

Former Village United striker Romando Anderson from Falmouth is dead after allegedly committing suicide.

The diminutive Anderson aka “Short Boss,” is the son of well known ice cream vendor affectionately called “Shorty.”


It is alleged that Anderson drank the poisonous herbicide, Gramoxone, popularly (but incorrectly) called Gramazone.

He was hospitalised in Falmouth Hospital and then transferred to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where he eventually succumbed to the effects of the dangerous chemical. He died yesterday after battling the consequences of his action for about a week.

Romando Anderson 2
Image via Facebook.

Second Thoughts

A friend on Facebook revealed that while in hospital, he stated that he did not want to die. The friend wrote:

Him tell mi read e bible n pray seh him live.

Sadly, Anderson did not recover.

Anderson was a former William Knibb Memorial High School student.





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