The Jamaica Observer has revealed that a former Reggae Boy is the suspect that was shot by police and under police guard in hospital after the killing of a pastor and deacon.

Reports were that after the shooting, two suspects ran right in the path of the police. One was shot and one escaped. The identity of the suspect has not been released, but unofficial sources claim he is from Trelawny.

From The Jamaica Observer

A former national footballer who has been fingered in Saturday’s shooting death of a pastor and a deacon in Montego Bay is now in hospital under police guard after he was shot during a firefight with the police.

The dead clergymen have been identified as 27-year-old Pastor Ryan Jackson and 23-year-old Deacon Bucklair Smith, both of Rose Heights in St James and who conducted their ministry at First Fruit International Church of Jesus Christ Healing and Deliverance Ministry.

The Montego Bay police report that about 5:40 pm police were on an operation in the Kerr Crescent area of Montego Bay when they heard several explosions and went to investigate.

The police say two men opened gunfire at them when they got to the location.


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