upper parade street water 2The powers that be (Mayor and Member of Parliament) appear to always be under fire for their handling of Falmouth, and the latest road repair project does not help their cause. The newly surfaced road on Upper Parade Street, is already showing signs of poor planning and shoddy work.

upper parade street waterAt the end of the road, where Upper Parade Street intersects with Tharpe Street, the road is flooding with water on a daily basis. This may be temporary, as we are told that the gutter needs to be taken across Tharpe Street, to channel the sewage from Upper Parade Street into the sea. In addition, it is now high tide, so the water is being backed up. Of course, one can argue that this should have been taken into consideration before construction. The water level rises and falls throughout the day.

upper parade street green water

In addition, one side of the road is again the home of green, murky water. This water has plagued the town for years. When the project started, we celebrated that we were finally rid of this problem. No such luck. As the pictures show, it is still with us.

upper parade street green water 2The green water takes us back to square one; millions have been spent on this project and only one side of the street has been repaired. The side of the street with the worse problem is the one that has been overlooked.

What else can we say? We have waited years for the repair, and this is what we have been given.


  1. Thanks for your work Bryan. Covering a problem does not solve it. The real issue is that Falmouth and other towns really need proper planning to address the wastewater issue. So you cover the gutters, but the water still has nowhere to go. Emptying filthy wastewater into the sea is not a sustainable solution.

    • I totally agree with you Don. Falmouth is also peculiar, in that it is below sea level. Whenever the tide rises, it intrudes into the sewage system. I may be wrong, but I cannot remember high tide being brought onto the streets. Since this project, it is happening. It almost looks like a case of creating a problem where there was none.


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