Fire FC, from Wakefield, played to a 0-0 draw with Daniel Town, but that was enough to ensure victory in the Trelawny Rums Trelawny Football Association (TFA) Trelawny Division One Competition. Fire had done their ‘homework’ by defeating Daniel Town 1-0 in the first leg.

The two teams slugged it out in the second leg played at the Elleston Wakeland Sports Complex (Centre) this afternoon, but neither team could produce a goal.

Daniel Town goalkeeper almost makes a costly blunder

By merit of reaching the final, both teams have been promoted to next season’s Trelawny Major League, which is the top league in the parish.


The majority of Fire FC players are actually from Dumfries in St. James, which is close to the border with Trelawny. However, their team is based out of Wakefield. There have been a few grumbles that they should not have been in the competition, but since they play out of Wakefield, there is no rule that says out-of-parish players are not allowed.

The Daniel Town goalkeeper was not fooled by this attempted flick.

Dumfries is on the St. James side of the border with Trelawny and traditionally share close ties with the parish. Such is the case also with other St. James districts close to the border, such as Chatham and Goodwill.


All in all, a well deserved victory by Fire FC. We wish them all the best in next season’s Trelawny Major League Competition.


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