Saturday on my way from assembly, I passed an unusual scene as a local man, who has recently taken up residence in the Falmouth Water Square, decided to cook his home meal right there.

When I passed, I saw wood cut and shaven; I saw a pot on fire and fish, otaheite apple and other ingredients nearby. I left for home before the action began. Later on in the night I learned that he actually did cook his dinner on the same spot, pulling a crowd of onlookers. The Juicy Beef patty outlet, right next to the light pole where he cooked, had to be closed because of the smoke.

His recipe was very interesting: fish, chicken, rice, sugar and the otaheite apple, all in one pot. when he finished eating, I was told by a vendor, that he lay on the wall nearby and had a good sleep, then he took up his utensils and left.

I have seen him several times, taking a bath or washing his foot in the fountain, but now he wants to make himself even more at home in the square. He needs help. We are imploring the agencies with responsibility for situations such as these, to take him off the street and give him the help that he needs to be rehabilitated back into society. Remember also, that Falmouth is a tourist destination and Water Square is the center of the cruise shipping town.

Here is the video showing what transpired.

I apologize for the poor quality video.


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