Falmouth United FC
Falmouth United FC, Cassman Williams (President), standing left. Brenton Rodney (Manager), standing right.

Falmouth United’s First Match

Falmouth United is getting ready to play its historic first competitive game in the Trelawny Major League, as it begins its quest to (step-by-step) go all the way to the National Premier League.

The historic first match will be against Friendship United at the newly renovated Elleston Wakeland Sports Complex. Kickoff date and time will be Saturday, February 10, at 3 pm.

The Marley Connection

Falmouth United is headed by Che Green and Ky-mani Marley, who were both Falmouth born living in the US. Both spent their childhood days living across the road from each other on 14 Peel Street, known to Falmouthians as simply “Fourteen.”

Ky-mani, the son of reggae legend Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley, has also created a name for himself as a singer and actor.

He has returned to help make the dream of a Trelawny team in the National Premier League a reality.


The core of the players is from the Falmouth area with a few outsiders. Several of these Falmouth players have “football blood” as they are descendants of former players.

Midfielder Nicolas “Ziggy” Falconer, who is the son of Charles Falconer, formerly of Lacers (Hague) and Studs United.

Zidane Francis is the son of Rohan “Bull” Francis, formerly of Lacers.

Charles Grant, Jnr is the nephew of former Village and Baca Stars striker Denniston “Yatta” Jameison.

Sadouki Scott is the son of the former long-serving referee, “Passup” Scott. He is the nephew of Basil “General” Scott, formerly of Violet Kickers, and Gerald “Hero” Scott, formerly of Seba United.

Also with football pedigree is Fearon Christie, the son of Phillip Christie who played for Village United.

Montego Bay

From Montego Bay, there is Emanuelle Campbell, a former Cornwall College midfielder. Falmouth United has also recently signed goalkeeper David Swaby, formerly of Montego Bay United. Also from Montego Bay is Kevaughn Grenion.

Another out-of-town signing is Paul Campbell, a midfielder from Molynes United in St. Andrew.

Falmouth United Logo


The team will be coached by Dr Dean Weatherly who had a long stint as coach of Village United. He is a very successful schoolboy coach, having taken his alma mater Cornwall College to 8 titles in 16 seasons.He is also the former coach of Montego Bay United.

Premier League Quality Team

According to Manager Brenton Rodney, “Falmouth United has a Premier League quality team,”  so he is asking the Falmouth community to come out in support of the team.

In laying the foundation for a future in the big league, the team has set up its structure as follows:

  • Ky-mani Marley (CEO)
  • Che Green (CEO)
  • Cassman Williams (President)
  • Brenton Rodney (Team Manager)
  • Valda Ellis (Secretary)
  • Catherine Maxfield (PRO)
  • Mr Waldie (Youth Coordinator)

Small Contribution

The club is asking a small contribution of $100 per game, which he says is to help cover minor expenses.

Fan Club

Falmouth United Fan Club had their first meeting last night and the club is extending an invitation to the community. The next meeting is Thursday night at 7 pm at the Elleston Wakeland Sports Complex.

The Road To Success

Falmouth United is seeking to make it to the Premier League, First, they will have to win the parish’s top league, which is the Major League.

Falmouth United reached the highest league in the parish without kicking a ball, as current President Cassman Williams signed over his former club Baca Stars to Falmouth United. Baca Stars had a spot in the Trelawny Major League. A simple formal name change has given the new team a well-needed jumpstart.

Win the Trelawny Major League and they will advance to the National Confederation League.

From there, they will be able to gain a place in the country’s highest football league, the National Premier League, also known as the Red Stripe Premier League.

Their long-term goal must be to do one better than former journeymen Village United and win a national title. The Villagers made it to one national final, that of the All-Island Knockout Competition in 2004 but lost by 1-0 to Waterhouse FC.

The team will continue its preparation for Saturday’s game with a practice game at 3 pm today at the Elleston Wakeland Sports Complex.


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