falmouth lower harbour street repairs 1Early last month (May, 2015), Dr Morais Guy, minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing announced that 448 million was allocated for the development and rehabilitation of the town. The funds were sourced from the Port Authority of Jamaica, the Tourism Enhancement Fund, and an allocation from the PetroCaribe Fund. The announcement was made during a tour of Falmouth.

falmouth upper parade street repairs
Intersection of Falmouth Street and Upper Parade Street – Falmouth Street looking towards the pier.

Of the amount, 200 million is budgeted for street repairs. We are already seeing the money being put to work in the repair work done to Upper Parade Street and Falmouth Street.

lower harbour street repairs 3
Work on the new sewage system

Upper Parade Street has been an eyesore for years, and I had twice written about it on the old FalmouthPO.com website. Now writing for the third time, it is with pleasure that I am witnessing the transformation.

The old Upper Parade Street sewage system was for the most time not flowing. The result was unhealthy, pungent, muddy water that seemed like it was there to stay. Here is a picture I took back in 2011, showing the state of the sewage.

Lower Harbour Street stagnant sewer – Photo taken back on May 7, 2011.

You can see what residents, businesses and pedestrians had to face. Bear in mind that this is very close to the Falmouth Cruise Ship Pier.

lower harbour street repairs 4Here are photos showing how far the work has progressed. So far, they are building the sewer system which will be covered to prevent contact with humans. The road itself will be raised to take advantage of gravity, so that when the water runs off, the force will be strong enough to eliminate stagnation.

We have been waiting for several years, but as they say, better late than never!



  1. thanks greatly for the update on my home town who for years was neglected by Goverment . But to make Falmouth flourish investment in Micro business within the town should also be a priority & that the banks cough up as well as Goverment . I was home recently and witness a lot of Koreans opening up supermarkets and that none of them could talk English but running there stores. Why isn’t our local ppl not getting involved .

    • The Chinese/Koreans (I thought they were all Chinese 🙂 ) now dominate the supermarket scene for several reasons. I will just list 4.

      1) A 3 year tax free status (after the period expires, they simply rename the business and put someone else in charge, retaining tax free exemption),
      2) they unite and bulk buy (therefore able to offer lower prices on many items than locals can) and
      3) locals perceive them as having lower prices (which is not always the case).
      4) they are able to pay high rental costs that locals cannot afford.

      As a result, the orientals are gobbling up the real estate in Falmouth. check out this article entitled: Supermarket Town – Chinese Buying Up All The Real Estate in Falmouth

  2. Brian,many thanks for the hard work at numerous and informative Posts I so enjoy and appreciate! I’ve been away from home for many years and I’m always anxious and elated to see ‘stills or videos’, and get updated info on our hometown and surrounding areas! Can’t thank you enough. ….Great respect to you and all other persons who invest time in this task! Blessings!

  3. Its amazing the wealth of information and knowledge you have been sharing. I hope it will be acknowledged and rewarding for you as well. Kudos Mr Elliot.


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