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Riddim Fitness Gym – Falmouth’s Own Professional Workout Gym

Riddim fitness is no longer in operation. Click below for Falmouth Jamaica’s latest state of the art gym and cardio centre.

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Falmouth Jamaica’s new professional, state of the art gym and cardio centre

Falmouth Jamaica finally has its own professional workout gym with the recent opening of the Riddim Fitness Gym, located less than 2 miles from Water Square.

Riddim Fitness Gym first opened its doors on Monday, May 11, 2015 and is located upstairs the Johnson Petrol Station in Rock. The official address is Shop 4, Florence Hall Business Center, Trelawny.

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Need for a Gym in Falmouth

Falmouth is one of the fastest growing town in Jamaica, and is rapidly adding more services for the increased population that live in Falmouth town as well as the growing satellite communities. It is fitting therefore that a quality gym is established to cater for the fitness needs of the parish.

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A recent report showed Jamaica as the 5th most obese country in the world. Obesity is the cause of most major illnesses, including two of Jamaica’s biggest killers, heart disease and Type II diabetes. Every town in Jamaica needs a gym.

Riddim Fitness Gym is owned by a young doctor, who also hails from the parish. Dr Alistair Bell, who practices in Falmouth, has seen the need for a proper gym to cater for the fitness needs of the parish. He sees it as a means of prevention as well as therapy.

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Personal Routine

According to gym instructor, Robert Hanshaw, the Gym is not one of those that you just lift weights and go home. They incorporate cardio workout and weight training, with specific routines for each person. The routine depends on your health condition, age, weight, body mass, body fat.

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Whenever a customer starts at Riddim Fitness Gym, these variables are recorded and the progress of that client is tracked over time.

In addition, Riddim Fitness Gym routines target the entire body, instead of focussing only on the weak areas. The instructor says in that way, results are faster and the individual will get all areas of the body “looking great.”

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Services Offered

The Falmouth gym is well equipped. For cardio workouts, there are treadmills, ellipticals and spin bikes. For weight training, there are all types of equipment to work every body part.

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Posted by Robert Hanshaw on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The services include body sculpting, dance class (including Zumba class), aerobics, spin class, weight management and personal training.

Gym Instructor

Robert Hanshaw Riddim Fitness Gym Instructor Falmouth

Robert Hanshaw – Riddim Fitness Gym Instructor, Falmouth

Robert Hanshaw is the instructor and he has 15 years experience as a gym instructor. He has been lifting weight for over 30 years.

Body building runs in the family, as his brother Douglas Rodgers won the Mr Jamaica Bodybuilding Championship twice, and the Mr Caribbean, once.

Best Results

Dr Bell, Hanshaw and Riddim Fitness Gym would like everyone to get fit. Hanshaw said Riddim Fitness will target your specific body type for you to get the best results. Once your goal is achieved, they will then let you maintain your fit, healthy body.

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