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Falmouth policeman visits mother one week after delivering her baby

The ability to stay calm in an unusual situation when everyone else is panicking is the surest sign of a true leader. Sergeant Gladstone Sealy, attached to the Falmouth Police has truly shown the sign of a true leader.

While transporting a woman on her way to the hospital, the sergeant, with the assistance of a District Constable (DC) Dexter Dyke, delivered the woman’s baby while on the way to the hospital.

The heroic officer and DC returned a week later to visit the mother, and the grateful family asked him to be the godfather of the baby girl.

From Loop News:

Several days after helping a woman deliver her baby along a busy street in Trelawny, Lasco Top cop for Area one Sergeant Gladstone Sealy and District Constable Dexter Dyke have again reached out to the mother.

After receiving reports that the mother of the child was released from hospital, Sealy arranged to visit the woman and her common law husband at their family home. Sealy, along with Dyke who assisted him in the delivery, did not visit empty-handed.

“During the trip, I donated a gift basket and offered words of encouragement to the couple as they prepare themselves to take on the life long task of parenting,” the senior cop told Loop News.

Last week, Jamaicans took to social media to hail the Trelawny cop after he went above and beyond the call of duty when he helped to deliver the bouncing baby girl.

Reports reaching Loop News are that Sealy – who is the Lasco Top Cop for Area One for the period 2016 -2017 – was travelling with a team of officers along Market Street in the town when he was stopped by a member of the public.

“I was travelling through the town with members of my team when a member of the public came to us explaining that a woman was in the motor car and she needed to go to the hospital,” the police officer told Loop News.

Sergeant Sealy said he told the person calling out for help to bring the lady to his vehicle.

The cop said, as soon as the woman was brought to the vehicle, he realized that she was about to give birth. The senior police who has served more than 10 years in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said, while several persons around him began to panic, he tried to maintain his calm and responded to the situation as quickly as he could and, along with Dyke, helped the female to deliver the baby girl while his other officers drove the vehicle towards the hospital.

The grateful parents asked the Sergeant to be the Godfather of the child.


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