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Falmouth News Is Seeking Writers

Falmouth News is seeking writers to make this a truly Falmouth website, and not just one reflecting my views and opinions. I have been hearkened by the interest and the traffic coming to the site, which shows the huge demand for Falmouth, Jamaica related news.

However, it is time to turn your interest into a contribution. We need people to write articles for the site.

What kind of articles are we talking about?

Anything that has to do with the parish of Trelawny, not necessarily Falmouth. However, it has to be clean. No nudity, vulgarity or adult language. It has to be your original writing, not something you copied and pasted.

Falmouth News Is for Trelawny

Let me take this time to say that this is a Trelawny website, not only Falmouth. However, Falmouth is now an international brand, hence the name: “Falmouth News.”. In the internet world, we have to choose what we call “keywords.” These keywords determine how much attention the site gets. The “Falmouth” keyword draws attention and brings traffic to the site. If I used “Trelawny News,” not many persons would find the site in the search engines.

Who can write?

Anyone with knowledge of our parish. The posts will be edited (if necessary) before posting. I will ‘dress up’ the article if necessary before posting.

What do you gain?

Your voice will be heard and you will contribute to the development of your this site and in extension your town and parish.

How to get started?

  1. Click on this link and fill out the form.
  2. That’s it!

Thanks and we are awaiting you, our new writer.


  1. I Am interested in becoming an avid writer for the Falmouth news, I have been writing gspeeches, eulogies and letters on behalf of people and I have also been representing those who are in need of help, and I am a public speaker. I am a Nurse Tech in the brooklyn, NY area.

  2. i love to write and would love to be a part of this team putting our voices on paper/internet out there to make changes in #Trelawny and by large Jamaica!


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