Dodi Falconer

Photo via Facebook.

Angry associates of a Falmouth man damaged a section of the Falmouth hospital this morning. The damages were done to the glass facade of the Accident and Emergency Department.

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34-year-old Dwayne ‘Dodi’ Falconer who resided in Florence Hall, died this morning at the Falmouth Hospital after an accident in which he crashed into a tree on the dangerous Martha Brae main road.

Dwayne Falconer accident spot

The tree in which Dwayne “Dodi” Falconer crashed on the exit off the Falmouth Bypass leading onto the Martha Brae main road.

Four passengers who were in the vehicle are now in hospital in critical condition.

Unofficial reports are that ‘Dodi’ was on his way from a dance in Rock District.

The citizens were angry over what they believed to be the slow rate at which treatment was administered. They believe that if the response of the hospital staff was faster, Falconer could have survived.

Staff had to run for cover as stones were hurled, smashing the glass. It is reported that 3 members of staff were injured in the incident.

The Martha Brae Main Road has claimed many lives over the years and is one of the major accident trouble spots in Trelawny.

It was only 3 days ago that Falconer proudly announced the birth of his son on social media.  This was his second child (he also had a daughter).

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  1. sirrie

    First of all there were only 3 family members that was present and 2 were in to see him so, which family members they talking about?