Professional Gym and Cardio Center near Falmouth

Looking for a gym in Falmouth, Jamaica? Need a place to workout?

H&J Fitness 4Life Gym and Cardio Centre is a brand new professional, state of the art gym and cardio center built from the ground up to serve the people of Trelawny and St. James.

Fitness 4Life is the story of how a small dream can turn into a big reality.

How It All Began

A UK born, former resident of Falmouth who regularly vacations in Jamaica, Peter Downie missed having somewhere to train while on holidays in Falmouth.

H&J Fitness 4Life Peter Downie - Juliet Downie
Peter and Juliet Downie

Unfortunately, there was no professional gym in the area. For that, he would have to travel to Montego Bay, some 22 miles away.

Peter therefore decided to build a small gym.

However, having been in the fitness industry for 25 years (as a strength and condition coach in the UK), Downie was motivated to make it more than just a small gym.

HJ Fitness 4Life-entrance

Also in the back of his mind was Trelawny’s track and field talent. He thought, “why not make a gym good enough for our athletes to train?”

With the strong backing of his wife, Juliet Downie, and support from his 2 sons, construction began in 2015.

By the time construction ended for opening on November 4, 2017, H&J Fitness 4Life Gym and Cardio Center was a fully equipped, professional state of the art gym and fitness center.

HJ Fitness 4Life-men fitness chat
HJ Fitness 4Life members having a chat during workout.

The dream of having a small gym turned into a spacious 3-floors location with gym facilities on two floors. Ground floor is the weight room and 1st floor is the cardio center.

HJ Fitness 4Life-pull

It took the Downies two and a half years to build and furnish the gym. The equipment was imported from the United Kingdom.

Call Fitness 4Life at 1-876-456-2197

Why Falmouth

When asked why Falmouth? Peter Downie pointed out that he spent much of his younger years growing up in Falmouth.

“I grew up on Market Street. I spent a short time at Barracks School (Falmouth All-Age) before moving over to Granville All-age. I returned to the UK in the 1980’s.”

HJ Fitness 4Life-inclined press
HJ Fitness 4Life gym: inclined press.

Impressive Gym Facilities

When Falmouth News visited the facility for the first time, we were very impressed with the facilities.

H&J Fitness 4Life Gym Room 1

There is a wide variety of equipment, the place is clean and spacious and the bathroom facilities are excellent.

According to Peter Downie, he has a vast array of plate loaded as well as selectorized machines and cardio equipment.

H&J Fitness 4Life Cardio Room

The various selectorized equipment are easy on the joints and are perfect for everyone, especially those who might be struggling with injury or age (golden-agers).

Bathroom Facilities

Downie placed special emphasis on making the bathrooms clean and homely. He pointed out that the bathrooms are a sensitive issue with patrons. It is one of the variables that may turn prospective customers away from a gym.

Here are some pictures of just one of the several bathrooms available at the facility.

HJ Fitness 4Life-bathroom-sink

HJ Fitness 4Life-shower-bathroom- 500

100% Powered by Green Energy

We found another impressive feature of the facility that has nothing to do with its function as a gym. The owners have shown great foresight in powering the gym through the use of green (renewable) energy.

HJ Fitness 4Life green energy
Wind vane and solar panels atop the H&J Fitness 4 Life building harnessing the power of nature.

In a move that should inspire other businesses, H&J is powered by energy from the wind and the sun. It is 100% self sufficient in this regard.

H&J fitness 4 Life - power source
Renewable energy batteries that power the Fitness 4 Life building.

This eliminates the massive electricity bill which a gym of this size would no doubt accumulate each month.

Services Offered

These are the services offered or being planned for the future at H&J Fitness 4Life:

  1. Aerobics
  2. Dance Classes
  3. Kickboxing Classes
  4. Muscle Mass Building
  5. Competition Preparation
  6. Weight Loss Programs
  7. Female Self Defence (coming soon)
  8. Afro Beat Aerobics Class (coming soon)
HJ Fitness 4Life Bike Aerobics
HJ Fitness 4Life Bike Aerobics class led by Andre Thompson.


H&J Fitness 4Life Gym and Cardio Centre believe they have a very reasonable pricing structure. This is shown in the table below.


In addition, H&J offers special rates for senior citizens, civil servants and students. There will also be special promotions from time to time.

At the time of writing, they were promoting the specials listed in the image below.

H&J Fitness 4Life January 2018 Promotion
H&J Fitness 4Life January 2018 Promotion

Call Fitness 4Life at 1-876-456-2197

Communities Targeted

Fitness 4Life targets patrons from all over the island, as well as visitors to the island who need a temporary place to workout.

HJ Fitness 4Life-aerobics class
Aerobics class

However, a special invitation is extended to people from the nearby Trelawny/St. James area. This includes the entire parish of Trelawny, plus Greenwood, Long Bay, Liliput, Barrett Town, Goodwill, Adelphi and other areas of St. James.


H&J Fitness has 4 persons on staff to serve its clientele.


The facility is managed by Rose Greene.

HJ Fitness 4Life-Shaquile Rose - Rose Green
Gym Instructor Shaquile Rose and Manager Rose Green.

Gym Instructors

Gym instructors are always on duty throughout the day. These are:

  • Shaquile Rose
  • Andre Thompson
HJ Fitness 4Life- Shaquile Rose
Gym Instructor Shaquile Rose.
HJ Fitness 4Life-Andre Thompson
Gym Instructor Andre Thompson.


On visiting H&J, you are likely to be greeted by receptionist Sandra Green.

H&J Fitness 4 Life- Sandra Green - Receptionist
Sandra Green (Receptionist).


H&J Fitness 4Life Gym and Cardio Center is located on the main road into Scarlett Hall, near Salt Marsh, which itself (Salt Marsh) is 4 miles from Falmouth town center.

To reach the location coming from Falmouth, it is the first left turn after passing the Digicel red painted shop in Scarlet Hall. A short distance in on the right, you cannot miss the orange coloured 3-storeyed building.

HJ Fitness 4Life-bench press
Bench press workout.

Opening Hours

H&J Finess 4Life is open from:

  • 6 am to 9 pm (Mondays to Fridays)
  • 7 am to 3 pm (Saturdays and Sundays)

HJ Fitness 4Life-workout pulley

The Future?

According to Peter Downie, “we are looking to add more machines as we go, and to keep evolving. We always want to be on top of our game.”

Summary: Great Investment, Great Gym

In concluding our tour of the Fitness 4Life Gym and Cardio Centre, Falmouth News was pleasantly surprised at the facilities and the amount of investment that went into such facility. This building was built specifically to be a self-contained gym.

The wide array of equipment on hand, the modern cardio machines, the spacious workout areas, the clean bathroom facilities and the  very reasonable prices all score highly in my book.

H&J Fitness 4Life Cardio machine

The downside is that the facility is more or less hidden, the quintessential “best kept secret.” However, I was assured that banners are on the way from the UK which will properly advertise this great location.

Thanks to the Downies for giving Trelawny a first class gym in keeping with its rapid development.

If you are in or near Trelawny and need somewhere to workout, then Fitness 4Life Gym and Cardio Centre should not disappoint.

Contact H&J Finess 4Life

Fitness 4Life welcomes you to visit their location or you may contact them by phone at 1876-456-2197 or 1-876-313-5864.

This post was sponsored by H&J Fitness 4Life Ltd.
To find out how you may have an article about your business featured on Falmouth News, call 1-876-573-7433.


  1. This is the best ever happen for Trelawny where health is concerned. God bless this person or persons who had came up with this great idea. Hoping to join soon. Blessings.

  2. I have been anxiously waiting for a gym in Falmouth. I have been visiting j.a. since the 80’s and can remember only being able to do push ups and sit ups in my aunts car port. Thumbs up! I’m looking forward to visiting hj next month


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