On Friday, September 25, a Falmouth born and grown doctor and educator, Renford Brevett, donated school supplies to the Falmouth All-Age School.

The project was coordinated by another Falmouthian, Tashana Griffiths, a graduate of William Knibb Memorial High School (who is now a student at UWI Mona). Tashana presented the gifts on behalf of Dr Brevett and she was ably assisted by her mother, Mrs. Audrey Griffiths. For all those who went to the Falmouth All-Age School in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, Tashana is the daughter of Nick “Jungle Dread” Griffiths, also a former past student.

Falmouth All Age School students and teacher

Dr. Renford A. B. Brevett is the generous donor who is making this great contribution to his old school for the second year. He also made a donation in 2013.

Tashana Griffiths

The gifts, which included school bags, reading and writing books, pencils, crayons, rulers, dictionaries and other stationery were presented to students from grades 1 to grade 5.

From left: Mrs Audrey Griffiths, Principal Colin Campbell and Tashana Griffiths

Present at the handing over, was Principal Colin Campbell, students and teachers. The principal thanked the donors for their generosity and charged the students to take care of what they had received.

This project was coordinated and distributed by Ms. Tashana Griffiths, graduate of William Knibb Memorial High School, now a student at UWI, and her Mom Ms. Audrey Griffiths.


The goal is to assist Falmouth All Age School students with basic school supplies at the beginning of the school term.

Falmouth All Age students with their gift packages

The first Donation was made in 2013 in the form of school supplies for children in the sixth grade. This second donation is also school supplies for students.

Happy recipients

Dr. Renford A. B. Brevett

Dr Renford A. B. BrevettDr. Renford A. B. Brevett is from Hague and now lives in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE in the Middle East. He is also a resident of the United States.

Dr. Brevett is a graduate of and past teacher of William Knibb Memorial High School. He received his Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, a Master and PhD from Iowa State University in the United States. He taught at Iowa State University and Delaware State University. He was an Assistant Vice President at Lincoln University for many years.

He is currently the Dean of Student Affairs at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Ras Al Khaimah is located about 75 miles North of Dubai, UAE.

Falmouth All Age (Barracks) School


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