Falmouth Artisan Village Construction

If we are to take Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett by his word, construction on the long announced Falmouth Artisan Village will commence soon.

According to Travel Weekly, when asked about the Falmouth Artisan Village, Bartlett is quoted as saying:

“We expect to start construction on that soon for completion by the end of 2018.”

Of course, like many other big projects, we have been hearing about the construction of this village for some time.

The construction is expected to be in one of the old Hampden Wharf buildings now a part of the Falmouth Pier property.

Memories of Harmony Cove?

It brings to mind the Harmony Cove development. So many times we expect it to begin. It was first announced on April 27, 2004, by then Prime Minister PJ Patterson. The last thing we heard, was that it was on track to begin construction in 2017.

Falmouth Artisan Village Announced in 2016

Indeed, we carried a story of the Falmouth Artisan Village back in April 2016, when it was previously announced. In that article, we alluded to the fact that it was an idea that Bartlet proposed from way back in 2011. It was unfortunately shelved when his party lost power to the PNP.

Now Bartlett is back, let us hope this actually does become a reality before his party loses power (whenever that is).

Two Other Artisan Villages Proposed

The Falmouth Village is one of three proposed by Bartlett. It is intended that there will be one in Ocho Rios transforming the old Reynolds Pier and another in Freeport next to the Montego Bay Cruise Pier

Falmouth Craft Vendors

Plans To Improve Cruise Ship Passenger Experience in Falmouth

Edmund Bartlett also spoke of plans to improve the cruise ship passenger experience in Falmouth. The Tourism Minister stated:

“As part of an overall strategy to eliminate the possibility of any direct solicitation of passengers as they leave the port of Falmouth, we’re implementing a better organization of traffic management in the area so passengers can leave the ship and the port in a more structured manner.”

Just yesterday, we disclosed initiatives by TPDCo to reduce the level of tourist harassment in the town of Falmouth.

Falmouth Artisan Village construction to begin soon

So let us hope that construction actually does begin soon on the artisan village here in Falmouth. This should help the craft vendors to sell in a more secure location, and provide a comfortable shopping experience for visitors. Make them comfortable, they will spend more.

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2 Responses to “Falmouth Artisan Village construction to begin soon for completion end of 2018”

  1. Terin

    I really hope they get it done by the first wk of Dec. We are planning a visit and would live to see this Artisan Village!

    • Editor

      Well, let’s see. They have been speaking about this artisan village for quite a few years and we have not been good at keeping deadlines for our government projects.