Reports out of North Trelawny JLP headquarters are that Dunstan Harper has won the Sherwood Content Division for the Jamaica Labout Party (JLP) by defeating sitting Councillor, Telka Holt. Reports are that Harper’s margin of victory is 725 votes.

This is not a surprise victory, as word coming out of the division for several months point to a huge swing away from Holt towards Harper. This is because of the perceived poor performance by the first time Councillor Holt.

This is the second time both have met as in the last election in 2012, Holt defeated Harper by 187 votes. This will be Harper’s first time in the Trelawny Parish Council.

Telka Holt – PNP – 1687 – (52.93%)
Dunstan Harper – JLP – 1500 – (47.07%)
Total Votes: 3187

The 56-year old Harper is married and lives in Duanvale. The father of one attended Holmwood Technical High School. He is a former banker at Scotiabank, and is now a cattle farmer.



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