Dr. Amable Thaureaux Bataille
Dr. Amable Thaureaux Bataille (picture taken in 1999).

Dr Amable Thaureauk Bataille (affectionately called “Doc” /Cuban Docta” ) died on Tuesday 22 September, 2015, ironically, after an operation at the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

Dr Amable Thaureauk Bataille was a medical doctor who came to Jamaica from Cuban in 1973, as part of Cuba’s generosity of helping to bolster our health service with their doctors and nurses during the Michael Manley era. During the entire time he was here, ‘Doc’ offered his selfless love, commitment and faithful service to the people of Jamaica.

He served in many parts of the island and spent his final years in public service in the Falmouth Clinic in the parish of Trelawny. He made Falmouth his final home, as after retirement he continued to offer his service to the public from his home office on Princess Street, Falmouth.

In true Cuban fashion, he was known to never turn anyone away without money. According to Veron Mae, a resident of Falmouth, he was very kind to his fellow men, addressing them as “my sister” or “my brother.” He was always sharing a kind word and also found time to visit and care for the sick. To the destitute he would give generously out of his relatively humble earnings.

Pat Carnegie, another local citizen who knew him well, remarked that: “He gave away all he had and did not think anything of it.” She said he gave his paycheck away and left himself penniless. She described as “a knight in shining armor,” and “an angel in disguise.” She knows that well. Pat said he practically saved her life last year.

Dr Bataille will be greatly missed (especially by the people of Trelawny), because his life has impacted many here and abroad. He never returned to his homeland since he came here, and truly fell in love with Jamaica.

‘Doc’ died of colon cancer at the age of 82 years old, leaving his wife, one son, and three daughters as well as grand children. In his usual caring fashion, he kept the illness away from his family as he did not want to burden them.

His thanksgiving service took place yesterday, October 18, at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Falmouth. Tributes came from Dr EV Patrick Harris and Dr Kamara.

Dr Bataille is worthy of a national honor. He died a pauper, having given all away, but that was his desire. His wife is left in a wheelchair. We wish her the best and that the powers that be (government agencies) will ensure that she is taken care of. She deserves the best after the self-sacrificial contribution her husband made to the life and well being of the country.

On this National Heroes Day, 2015, Dr Amable Thaureauk Bataille is a true hero.


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