The Trelawny police are investigating a double murder that took place in Hyde, Clark’s Town last night (Friday night).

Dead are 19-year-old Mekieda Waldo, otherwise called ‘Monique’, unemployed and 24-year-old Shamar Williams, otherwise called ‘Bim’, auto-technician of Hyde district, Clarks Town, Trelawny.

crime-scene-do-not-crossReports are that both went to purchase food in a car and upon their return at about 10 pm, several explosions were heard. Thepolice were alerted, and upon their return, both were found seated in the front of the car, with several gunshot wounds.

On Tuesday night, Dwayne Marrett, 36-year old taxi driver, was shot and killed along Seaboard Street in Falmouth. On Wednesday evening, 76-year old Hyacinth Wright, was found dead with a stab wound to the neck at her business place on Trelawny Street, also in Falmouth.

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