name change for the future

FalmouthPO.Com is now Falmouth.News

What began in 2010 as a blog to document the transition of Falmouth into a cruise shipping port, has now evolved into a local online news website. We believe the domain name, has served its purpose and Falmouth News now needs a more suitable, brandable domain name for its future growth.

With the availability of new TLD’s (top level domains), we were able to get the very relevant, Falmouth.News. We believe it is much more suitable, professional, easy to remember and much brand-able than the previous name.

You may not notice the change though, as all pages formerly going to will now seamlessly redirect to Falmouth.News, but if you are searching online, don’t be confused. Both sites are the same and the old will be gradually phased out to make way for the future.

Welcome to the Falmouth News at Falmouth.News. Tell us what you think about the name change!



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