Healthy Eaters Vegetarian and Seafood Restaurant meal.jpg
2 Upper Parade Street, Falmouth, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica
1876 999 16801876 999 1680
1876 337 22231876 337 2223

Healthy Eaters Vegetarian & Seafood Restaurant is a relatively new health food and seafood restaurant in Falmouth. It is located at 2 Upper Parade Street on the same stretch that locals commonly call Spicy Nice Lane. It is very close to Water Square, the town center as well as the Falmouth Cruise Shipping Pier.

Their vegetarian specialties include green vegetables, tofu, veggie chunks, roasted yam, roasted sweet potatoes and other local ground provisions.

Seafood meals include fish, lobster and shrimp.

Drinks include blended fruits and daiquiri.

In addition, they take special orders.

According to Healthy Eaters Vegetarian & Seafood Restaurant, just tell the server how you want your meal to be prepared.

More from Healthy Eaters:

Enjoy a sumptuous meal in a fully airconditioned restaurant while enjoying soft relaxing music in a clean and safe environment.

Vegetarian meals are cholesterol free, with no sugar and low salt. This makes the restaurant a healthy place for those with diabetes or hypertension (high blood pressure).

A free delivery service is available through a phone call to the restaurant.

Speaking of free, there is also free Wi-Fi, which is a given in Falmouth in restaurants that cater for tourists as well as locals.

Opening hours are Mondays – Saturdays from 10:30 am – 9:00 pm.

Stonebrook Vista double rainbow.jpg
Stonebrook Vista, Trelawny, Jamaica

Stonebrook Vista is a gated community located in the suburb of the Historic Falmouth, bordering the Trelawny Multipurpose Stadium and overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea and the world renown Falmouth Pier. It is Trelawny’s premier community, the place to live, love and raise families.

Visit the Stonebrook Vista Homeowners Association page on Facebook and see highlights of our community activities.

39 Cornwall Street, Falmouth, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica

Smart’s Auto Parts & Car Sales

Smart’s Auto Parts is one of the top 2 largest auto parts stores in Falmouth, Trelawny, Jamaica. It is located at 39-41 Cornwall Street.

Smart’s Auto Parts

The business is a combination of two services: auto parts and car sales. The auto parts store is more established, having began on Upper Parade Street some years ago.

They sell new and used parts for several types pf vehicles, including the 5 most popular:

  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Suzuki

This includes the following more popular options as well as everything else you may need for your vehicle:

  • Engines
  • Body parts (including doors, bumpers and fenders)
  • Suspension parts (including rack end, tie rod end, ball joints)
  • Headlamps
  • Oils

Smart’s Auto Parts also stocks all types of car accessories, including:

  • Steering Covers
  • Mats
  • Seat Covers
  • Rims
  • Tyres
  • Batteries

Smart’s Car Sales

The car sales department is a new addition to the constantly expanding Smart’s Auto Parts business. They stock a wide array of motor vehicles, including:

  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Suzuki

According to Smart’s: “prices are very affordable with excellent customer service.”

They also accept requests for specific vehicles if they are not in stock. Just schedule an appointment by calling any of the numbers listed above or below.

Smart’s Auto Parts & Car Sales
39-41 Cornwall Street
Falmouth PO


1876-617-5898 (FLOW Landline)
1876-376-5385 (Digicel)
1876-563-7698 (FLOW Mobile/LIME)


Smart’s Auto Parts & Car Sales: “Smart People, Smart Choice, Smart Auto.”

5.00 (1 review)
1 Trelawny Street, Falmouth, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica

Uchuma Cafe & Jerk Center

Uchuma Cafe opened its doors on December 25, 2015 with an aim to serve visitors and locals through a coffee shop set in an authentic 18th century Georgian era building in Falmouth, Jamaica.

Ucuma Cafe balcony

Since then, proprietor Cassandra Chin has seen the need to add a jerk center (a restaurant that sells jerked meats, including jerked chicken and jerked pork). The restaurant has blossomed into a favorite spot for locals and visitors, thanks to the popularity of in-house chef, Dave Wilkey.

First, let’s look at the coffee shop.

Uchuma Cafe

Set on the first floor of Pinto’s House at 1 Trelawny Street, the Uchuma Cafe is set in one of Falmouth’s oldest buildings still in use. The building has recently been refurbished and is currently owned by David Pinto, a local potter from Good Hope. His work can be seen and bought at Jamaica Clay as well as at Uchuma Cafe. All the cups and plates in the cafe were made by David Pinto.

In terms of beverage, the coffee shop sells coffee espresso, cappuccino and assorted teas.

For accompaniment, Uchuma also sells panini sandwiches, with jerked or regular chicken as well as other meats. Added to that are choice cheeses and vegetables.

Customers may dine inside or outside with jazz providing background music.

Ucuma Cafe sandwich

Uchuma Jerk Center

The Uchuma Jerk Center has in a short time sky rocketed to popularity among locals. Chef Dave Wilkey daily serves up local favorites: jerked chicken, jerked pork escoveiched fish, steamed fish, stewed beef, curried goat (mutton) and cow foot.

The Bar

Adjacent to the Jerk Center is a bar, where the mixologist can whip up your desired drink.

The Jerk Center is one of the stops on the Falmouth Walking Tour. The favorite among visitors is jerk chicken tasting as well as ice cold Red Stripe beer from the bar.

Free WiFi

Uchuma provides Free WiFi for its visitors.


Uchuma Cafe also hosts Karaoke nights every 2 weeks.

29 Market Street, Falmouth, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica

‘Liplee’ has been working as an electronics technician for over 28 years. You may know him as a personal trainer, but Robert is multi-talented and repairing electronics has been his job since he was a teen.

Liplee Electronics specializes in radio and television repairs, microwave repairs, component set repairs, amplifier repairs, DVD player repairs and general fixing of any other electronic appliance.

In addition, Liplee Electronics also installs solar panels, electronic gates and surveillance cameras.

Apart from his work base at 29 Market Street, Liplee can also be contacted at 41 Princess Street, Falmouth.

kill dem quick pest control horace brown.jpg
20 Tharpe Street, Falmouth, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica

Kill Dem Quick Pest Control Service has been around for over 32 years. It is owned and operated by Horace Brown.

Kill Dem Quick Pest Control Service specializes in termite control, bat control, terminating roaches, ants and other insects, rat termination and control, fumigation, foundation treatment and general household pest control.

Kill Dem Quick is licensed and insured by the PCA (Pest Control Authority of Jamaica).

You may visit 20 Tharpe Street or call for appointment or other general information.

Orion Insurance Brokers Limited logo.jpg
63a Market Street, Falmouth, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica

Orion Insurance Brokers

Orion Insurance Brokers Limited has been serving Jamaica for around 2 decades, but with a developing Falmouth, they had no choice but to set up shop in the town. Orion came to Falmouth in July 2015 and Falmouth remains their youngest branch.

Orion Insurance Brokers Limited is a growing brokerage that sells for all the major insurance companies in Jamaica. It is registered with the FSC (Financial Services Commission) and all its agents are registered with the FSC as well.


Orion’s general services include:

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance

Orion Gold Club

Their ‘star’ product is the Orion Gold Club. The benefits from this product is provided by Sagicor Life Jamaica and Guardian Life.

The plan covers teachers, police, nurses, firefighters, taxi operators, soldiers and correctional officers. It is for persons between the ages of 18-69 years old, and provides the following benefits generated from regular investment premium for the insured:

  • Life Insurance
  • Personal Accident
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Accidental Death Dismemberment
  • Accident Disability Income
  • Cash Value
  • Life and Personal Accident Insurance for spouses and dependent children up to age 18 or 23 years old (if they are full time students)

Premiums for the Orion Gold Club currently starts at only $1500 per month.

You may visit the offices of Orion Insurance Brokers Limited upstairs 63A Market Street or contact them using any of the channels listed above.

D&G Micro Tech Staff 2.jpg
5.00 (1 review)
63a Market Street, Falmouth, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica

D&G Micro Tech

D&G Micro Tech Sales and Service is one of the fastest growing locally owned small businesses in Falmouth. The micro technology company that commenced business on May 21, 2012, has outgrown its previous locations on King Street, and is now located at Shop #2, 63A Market Street, Falmouth.

The company is riding the wave of the explosion in micro technology due to the rise of the laptop, tablet and most importantly, the smartphone.

D&G Micro Tech specializes in sales and service of cellphones (smartphones). laptops, tablets and other micro electronic devices.

D&G Micro Tech Staff

Unlocking Service

What has spurred their growth is their cellphone unlocking service (along with sales of smartphones). D&G Micro Tech unlocks all types of cellphones.


They also sell and install all types of smart phone accessories, tablet accessories and laptop accessories. This includes screens, batteries, chargers, cases and more.

D&G Micro Tech Sales

D&G Micro Tech Sales and Service sells a range of the most popular smartphones on the market. They stock Samsung Galaxy S7,  Samsung  Galaxy S6, Samsung  Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy  S4 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Continuing in the Samsung line, there is also Samsung Galaxy J series and others in the vast Samsung lineup. D&G also stocks Alkatel One Touch and Huawei line of phones, among others.

D&G Micro Tech Smartphones

Apple iPhone

Apple fans are not left out. Micro Tech has iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhpne 6 Plus, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4.

D&G Micro Tech Prices

What about prices? According to D&G, they have “competitive prices for every pocket.”

If We Don’t Have It…

They also have the policy: “if we don’t have it, we will get it.”

Other Services

Micro Technology is not their only focus. In addition, they also sell and install gate openers, solar systems, bio metric systems and camera systems.

Opening Hours

Opening hours are 10 am to 7 pm (Monday to Saturday) – Closed on Sundays.

J-Al's Hardware Windows and Doors.jpg
5 Tharpe Street, Falmouth, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica

J-AL’s Hardware

J-AL’s Hardware Windows and Doors is located at 5 Tharpe Street, Falmouth.  They commenced business in November 2014.

As the name suggests, J-AL’s Hardware specializes in windows and doors. This covers a wide range of items and they are listed below:


  • UPVC windows
  • Aluminum windows


  • Panel Doors
  • Patio Building Door
  • Patio Swing Door
  • Steel Door
  • Garage Doors

J-Al's Hardware Windows and Doors 10


The Trelawny heat can be overwhelming at times. J-AL’s supplies awnings to help protect your home from the direct rays of the sun.

Shower Enclosures

Windows and doors are not all that they do. J-AL’s also offers shower enclosures (framed and frameless).


They also stock storefronts, both UPVC storefronts and Aluminum store fronts

Hurricane Shutters

In the old days, whenever there was a strong hurricane alert, we would nail boards across our windows. No need for that today, as J-AL’s is your local provider of hurricane shutters.

Automatic Gates

It can be bothersome and often dangerous to disembark from your vehicle when you reach home. Check J-AL’s for automatic gates.


Apart from selling these items, J-Al’s Hardware Windows and Doors also installs them for you.

Personal Service

J-AL’s Hardware Windows and Doors is a service oriented business. They know that the best way to beat the competition is through an excellent personal service. Their dedicated team is customer focused and give hands-on attention to each customer.

“Let us do the job for you. We put fun in making your house the talk of the town.”



right collection shoe store donna.jpg
Water Square, Falmouth, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica

The Right Collection Shoe Store has the largest catalog of shoes in Falmouth, Jamaica. Owned and operated by Donna Clarke, the Falmouth shoe store has been in business, serving Trelawny for more than 20 years from our Albert George Shopping Center location.

As a result of over 20 years experience, through feedback, listening to customer requests and our own intuitive sense of fashion, we have been able to keep abreast with styles, fashion, trends and knowing exactly what people want. Just ask us, we have numerous suggestions for you. Falmouth shoe store

Our shoes are either made from genuine leather or some form of synthetic leather (faux leather or poly-urethane leather). Faux leather and PU leather are cheaper alternatives to genuine leather, but it is hard to tell the difference.

Although we specialize in shoes, we have a wide array of clothing and accessories for all ages.


We cater for both sexes, male and female and all ages, fom toddlers to kids to teens to adults. For toddlers and kids, Right Collection has a separate department located at:

Right Collection New Millenium Baby
24 Market Street
Phone (876)617-5193

Right Collection stocks shoes for all occasions including school, work, weddings, funerals, parties, graduation and more. We carry a wide range of shoes, reasonably priced for all these occasions. These shoes comes in all types of styles, colors, shades sizes, materials, heels, brands. There is something for everyone. Whatever you need, chances are we can find it.

Right Collection is located in Albert George Shopping Center, right in Water Square, the commercial, social, economic and administrative center of Falmouth and the parish of Trelawny. We are right within your reach. Falmouth shoe store

Phone: (876) 954-4907
eMail: dmariacl2002″yahoo.com

Right Collection: “Pleasing You Always

35 Market Street, Falmouth, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica

TJR English Wear

TJR English Wear has supplied Falmouth and Trelawny with the hottest English brand name clothing and apparel for the last 8 years from its home at 35 Market Street, not too far from Falmouth town center (Water Square) and right in the busiest commercial area of the town.

tjr english wear -720The store is located at the corner of Market Street and George’s Street. TJR English Wear is a one stop shop for everything either ladies or men would want to wear. It is well stocked with genuine authentic 100% English made garments.

Ladies Wear

For ladies, TJR English Wear stocks the latest styles and fashion for every taste, style and event. There are clothes for work and play.

TJR stocks jeans, dresses, skirts, blouses, tights, panties, bras, lingerie, swim wear, suits, work pants, work blouses, shoes, slippers and belts. Ladies accessories include: eyeglasses, costume jewellry, bracelets (bangles), chains, earrings, watches and handbags.


The list would not be complete without top original perfumes to make the ladies stand out. TJR English Wear stocks perfumes such as Desire, Dreams, Thomas Black, Ebony-X, City Girl, Mystic, Devotion, French Flowers, True Love, Del Mar, Definitely Maybe, Refresh, Precious Secrets and Pink Party.

Men’s Wear


TJR English Wear is the largest retailer of the popular Clarke’s brand of shoes that Jamaicans just love. There are bootleg, copycat Clarkes, but rest assured TJR English Wear stocks only original Clarkes including Wallabees, Desert Clarkes and Bank Robbers and a large variety of styles and colours.

Men’s tops

We also stock several types of men’s shirt including dressing shirt and casual wear. These include long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts and polo shirts. For the more formal occasions, we have suits,blazers and jeans jackets.

Men’s Pants

Here at TJR English wear, we try to stock something for everyone and every occasion. We have dress pants, shorts and jeans. We have several different brands, shades, colors and sizes for all. TJR English Wear is also one of the few places you can get quality corduroy pants.

Men’s Accessories

For men, TJR has hats, watches, belts, underpants, glasses, socks, wallets and mesh merinos.


TJR English Wear has something for every man and woman. We stock only original brand names and is known as the place to shop if you do want to find clothes you will not find anywhere else. TJR is the only exclusive English store in Trelawny. Visit us at 35 Market Street, Falmouth, Trelawny, Jamaica or call (876) 407-1833.

4 Steps Business Hub - Sherraine Josephs.jpg
10 Duke Street, Falmouth, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica
1 876 885-7668 (Digicel)1 876 885-7668 (Digicel)
1 876 345-1304 (LIME)1 876 345-1304 (LIME)

4 Steps Business Hub

4 Steps Business Hub provides Falmouth office services from our easily accessible location.

4 Steps Business Hub is located at 10 Duke Street, a stone’s throw from the busiest intersection in Falmouth, which is the corner of Duke and Market Streets. That means Water Square, the business center of the town, is only a 2 minutes walk away.

Birth Certificates

If you are looking for birth certificate services in Falmouth, then 4 Steps Business Hub can help you with deed pole, correction of errors, late entry and late registration.

Death & Marriage Services

4 Steps Business Hub also provides death certificate and marriage certificate services in Falmouth, Trelawny.

Airline Tickets

We also offer Falmouth, Trelawny airline ticket services

Office Services

We do typing (and wording) of different types of letters as well as Falmouth resume services.

Opening Hours

Mondays – Fridays: 8 am – 7 pm
Saturdays: 9 am – 3 pm
Sundays: Call us.


4 Steps Business Hub
10 Duke Street
Falmouth PO

Email: bizhub4@yahoo.com

Riddim Fitness 1.jpg
Florence Hall Village, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica

Riddim Fitness Gym

The Riddim Fitness Gym is a pro quality gym for those who want to lose weight, gain muscles or just workout for a healthy lifestyle.


It is located less than two miles away from Falmouth town centre in the small district of Rock, adjacent to Florence Hall. For specific directions, it is located upstairs Johnson’s Petrol Centre in the Florence Hall Business Centre.

Cardio Workout & Weight Training

Riddim Fitness Gym provides cardio training as well as weight training. It doesn’t stop there. Here is a list of services offered:

  1. Cardio workout
  2. Weight Training
  3. Body Sculpting
  4. Dance Class (including Zumba)
  5. Aerobics
  6. Spin Class (biking)
  7. Weight Management
  8. Personal Training
Cardio Workout Sessions
  • Mon – Aerobics
  • Tue –  Dance
  • Wed – Zumba
  • Thur – Body Sculpting / Abs class /Nutrition Consultation
  • Fri – Soca/Aerobics
  • Sat – spin Class

Upon registration, each client is checked for age, weight, body mass index (BMI) and body fat content. Their training goals are based on these variables and they are monitored to ensure success.

Gym Instructor

Gym instructor is Robert Hanshaw, who has 15 years experience as an instructor.

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri          5:30 am – 10 pm
Sat 10 am – 10 pm
Sun 12 am – 8 pm


$5,000 per month or $500 daily.

Read our full introduction to Riddim Fitness Gym.

Riddim Fitness Gym – “Move to a healthier rhythm!”

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