Dennis Meadows

Former JLP Senator and caretaker for Trelawny Northern is bemoaning the absence of effective and vociferous political representation across the political divide in the constituency, particularly as it relates to the town of Falmouth and its environs.

Meadows, who resides in Falmouth, argues that the elegant corridor which now envelopes sections of the north coast highway starting from the Sangster’s airport round-a-bout to the Iberostar hotel in Lilliput St. James and which now boats led street lights, is a stark evidence of the absence of effective political representation.

The TPDCo has undertaken a project to light the Elegant Corridor using the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) install lights along that section of the north coast highway.

But Meadows who is also the co-convenor of the civil lobby group Citizens’ Action of Principle and Integrity (CAPI), asserts that the elegant corridor should be extended to sections of the highway which bypass the resort town of Falmouth. As a result of this extension, similar lighting would have been installed.

Meadows said: “It smacks of disregard for the town and people of Falmouth, which boasts a new cruise ship pier and contributes to the TEF fund. Falmouth continues to be treated as a bastard player in the tourism industry despite its value and contribution to tourism and the cruise ship industry.”

The former caretaker continued, “I am urging the Member of Parliament, Patrick Atkinson, Mayor Garth Wilson, Custos Paul Muschette, JLP Caretaker Ernie Smith and councilors to lend their concerted voices in lobbying the Minister of Tourism in ensuring that the lighting project be extended to Falmouth.” He went on: “It makes common sense, as that section of the highway accounts for a number of road accident due to the absence of lighting on that section of the north coast highway.

Meadows who unsuccessfully vied for the constituency twice, argues that politicians’ primary obligation must be to the people they represent or seek to represent, rather than obedience to their respective political parties. “It is in the best interest of the people that the highway is lit and there can be no rational explanation for not including Falmouth in the project. The TEF is well endowed with cash, therefore, cost is not a factor.”



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