Dennis Meadows (left) and JLP leader Andrew Holness campaigning in Clark’s Town, 2011.

North Trelawny

The North Trelawny political drama continues. News coming in from deep inside the Jamaica Labour Party says that former JLP candidate for North Trelawny, Dennis Meadows, is being wooed to take over the reigns of JLP Caretaker for North Trelawny.

Ernest Smith Resignation

This comes on the heels of the resignation of attorney-at-law, Ernest Smith, as JLP Caretaker for North Trelawny. Smith resigned two days ago. He was inactive for almost his entire 15 months as caretaker.

Our source says it is almost a done deal for Meadows as far as the party is concerned, except that he (Meadows) will have to make the decision whether he will accept the challenge or not.

Internal Polls

The candidacy of Dennis Meadows is being pushed by the JLP, as it is reported that a poll of the constituency shows that Atkinson is trailing Meadows among voters polled in North Trelawny. Atkinson reportedly polled 40% to Meadows’ 60%.

Meadows’ History In┬áNorth Trelawny

Meadows has lost 2 straight elections in the constituency. First in 2007 to Patrick Harris and again in 2011 to the incumbent MP, Patrick Atkinson. Meadows lost to Atkinson by some 2300 votes. A lot has changed since then.

Patrick Atkinson

Patrick Atkinson has been criticized as being ‘missing in action,’ an unseen candidate for many constituents since he won in 2011. His party is divided among those who want him to stay, and those who want to see his back.

His supporters say that he is being rejected because he cannot be controlled. They say Atkinson has done his best with the resources he had, but he spent too much time in his office. They accept that he should have reached out more to the people. They point to the bridge built at Rodney Bottom (Duncans), the resurfacing of the road in Wakefield as well as the repairs to the Clark’s Town Road as his major achievements.

Dennis Meadows

Meadows on the other hand, has settled down in the constituency. He is viewed as a people person, and a champion of the rights of the average man. In July 4 of this year, he married a Falmouth business woman. He now resides in Falmouth and operates a business in Montego Bay.

Dwight Lewis Out Again?

If Meadows accepts the candidacy, this will again leave Dwight Lewis out in the cold. He has been seeking to represent the party in the parish even before the 2011 elections. He was defeated by Ernest Smith in June of last year, but he recently started working, even before Smith resigned. Now that Smith is gone, one would have thought that he finally has his chance. If Meadows accepts, Lewis will again be left in the political wilderness.

As I ended the previous political article, the political drama continues in North Trelawny. Stay tuned to Falmouth News for more of the drama.


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