Courtney Broughton A.K.A Food Kartel A.K.A Mark Fashion is dead
Photo via Facebook

Duncans, Trelawny Dancehall Artiste Courtney Broughton A.K.A Food Kartel A.K.A Mark Fashion is dead.

Mark Fashion, as he is more popularly known here in Trelawny, died last night, a few days after he had suffered a stroke.

Fashion became popular nationally as “Food Kartel.” He created spoofs of the most popular songs by changing the lyrics to reflect his love for food and cooking. He was a popular comedic artiste on stage shows. Songs like Kitchen Hero, Cook It Inna, Dumpling Tight, Brown Stew Fish and Hot Rice will be remembered by stage show fans.

Food Kartel aka Mark Fashion
Via Facebook

In 2011, his career and character were marred by an accusation of carnal abuse, a case which was subsequently thrown out.

Fellow artiste “Don Mafia” had this to say about Food Kartel on Facebook:

Rest in peace to Food Kartel. He was very humorous especially on stage shows used to turn Vybz Kartel songs around in a food style real yute star. High blood pressure heart attack and stroke all at once. Jah know yute.”

Before he became a well known entertainer, Broughton received the nickname “Mark Fashion” because his flashy, outstanding attire turned heads wherever he went.

Courtney Broughton A.K.A Food Kartel A.K.A Mark Fashion is survived by 9 children.

In late August, another Trelawny Dancehall Artiste died. Jamari Reid was killed at his home in Falmouth.




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