Jamaica Labour Party Councillor Colin Gager of the Warsop Division is the new Mayor of Falmouth, Trelawny.

Councillor Gager was sworn in today in a cremony held in the Trelawny Parish Council Building, which is popularly known as the Falmouth Court House.

Mayor Gager is having his second sting in charge of the Trelawny Parish Council. He was Mayor of Falmouth from 2007 to 2011, having surprisingly replaced Jonathan “Fred” Bartley at the time. His Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) compatriot Bartley, was Mayor from 2003 to 2007.

It looks like that stint as Mayor might just be the pinnacle of Bartley’s career. During Gager’s tenure, he was the Deputy Mayor. Now the Deputy Mayor has gone to Councillor Donovan White of the Duncans Division. Bartley remains the Councillor for the Wakefield Division.

Councillor Donovan White, Deputy Mayor of Falmouth

Former PNP Mayor Garth Wilkinson remains Councillor of the Falmouth Division.

It was during Gager’s sting as Mayor that Falmouth transitioned into the cruise ship town that it has now become.

He will face the challenges of what many describe as a smelly, dirty town. Among his other challenges, he will have to battle with vendors who invade the streets and the square, especially at nights. He will be the one to oversee the opening of the new Falmouth market. Gager will continue the struggle to get public passenger vehicles to permanently use the bus park. He will also oversee the completion of the Falmouth road improvement project, now underway.

Councillor Colin Gager, Mayor of Falmouth.

With his work cut out for him, Falmouth News wishes Mayor Colin Gager all the best in this his second term as Mayor of Falmouth, Jamaica.



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