Garth Wilkinson wins Falmouth Division

Courtney ‘Colourman’ Fowler (JLP) was demolished by incumbent Garth Wilkinson (PNP) in the battle for the Falmouth Council Division in the Local Government Elections yesterday.

Much was expected from Fowler, as he appeared to be making inroads into Falmouth. In the end, he was beaten by 1007 votes. In fact, Wilkinson almost tripled Fowler’s tally:

Garth Wilkinson – PNP – 1,518 – (74.82%)
Courtney Fowler – JLP – 511 – (25.18%)
Total Votes: 2,029

garth-wilkinson-patrick atkinsonThe traditional PNP Division of Falmouth has proven once again to be a tough nut to crack.

In fairness to Fowler, he more than doubled the JLP votes from the 2012 elections.

Division: Falmouth.
Garth Wilkinson – PNP – 1903 – (89.18%)
Paul Campbell – JLP – 231 – (10.82%)
Total Votes: 2134

Wilkinson also lost territory as in 2012, he pulled in 385 more votes than he did yesterday.

Fowler Was Confident

Fowler had many promises from PNP voters that they would have voted for him. He was confident that his grassroots attachment to the constituents would help to see him through.


He was a sort of enigma in Falmouth politics as he was a former Dancehall DJ with little formal education, challenging a college educated Mayor.

Tough Childhood

courtney-colourman-fowlerFowler grew up without parents under tough conditions in the low income housing scheme called Compound on Cornwall Street in Falmouth. Many of the voters in the Division identified with him as a man of struggles who had overcome poverty to achieve success.

Prime Minister Toured Falmouth to Help Fowler

There was so much hope for an upset that Prime Minister Andrew Holness toured with Fowler in Falmouth Division last Thursday evening, hoping to shore up support to ensure a Jamaica Labour Party victory.

Colourman, the 50-year old businessman, will now have to go back and focus on his food and motor vehicle sales businesses.

Wilkinson No Longer Mayor

garth-wilkinson-mayor-of-falmouthFor Wilkinson, he will no longer be Mayor, as the new Mayor will be elected by the JLP majority and will be announced at the swearing-in on Thursday. Mayor Wilkinson will now be Councillor Wilkinson and he will continue the tradition of Falmouth having a People’s National Party (PNP) representative in the Trelawny Parish Council (TPC)

What it means though, is that he will have less power and ability to serve his division.

New Mayor Will Be Sworn In On Thursday

The Mayorship is expected to be between Jonathan ‘Fred’ Bartley (Wakefield Division) and Colin Gager (Warsop Division).


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