No ‘bly’ for vendors in Falmouth Water Square

Falmouth’s Mayor Colin Gager is adamant that vendors will not be given a ‘bly’ to sell in Water Square this Christmas season. Speaking with Adrian Frater of the STAR, he claimed to have worked too hard to get rid of vending in the square.

From The STAR 

In Trelawny, Falmouth’s mayor, councillor Colin Gager, who has had many bitter battles in trying to remove vendors from the town’s historic Water Square, said no amount of persuasion, including the spirit of goodwill which surrounds Christmas, will cause him to give vendors, a ‘bly.’

“I have fought long and hard for the square to be pedestrianised and be rid of vendors, and I will not have it any other way,” said Gager. “An area near the present market heading in a southeastern direction is being prepared for the vendors.”

Gager said persons who try to sell inside Water Square will face stiff penalties. He said the policy will stay in place as long as he is the mayor.

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