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Photo via Barbados Today

Usain Bolt’s coach Glen Mills has expressed confidence that the sprinter can overcome the handicaps that have plagued him over the season and “hit his straps when it matters.”

This is very comforting for Bolt supporters who have been nervous as he struggled through the early part of the season, before identifying the cause of his struggles. It happened to be an injury that was treated last month. Bolt responded positively with a double 9.87 in London a few weeks ago.

The question now is, can Bolt take down his time far enough to defeat an in-form Justin Gatlin and the other sprinters salivating at taking his world championships crowns. Mills appears to be saying, ‘yes he can.’


TOTTORI – Reuters informs that Usain Bolt’s coach is convinced the Jamaican phenomenon can once again put aside injury concerns and mediocre form to maintain his grip on the major sprint titles at this month’s world championship.

Glen Mills believes the Olympic champion and world record holder in both sprints will be able to hit his straps when it matters.

“The last two years have been very challenging for both Usain and myself,” Mills told Reuters. “Unfortunately, he has had a number of different injuries to overcome which have affected his training and the number of competitions he has been able to compete in.

“But Bolt is a champion who knows nothing but excellence when performing on the world stage. We have been making a number of changes on the way he trains and have been getting results,” said Mills.

“However, I would have wanted him to have had more races.”


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