Clark’s Town Defeat Coopers Pen in Trelawny Major League Final

Clark’s Town FC defeated Coopers Pen FC on penalties, to win the National Rums Trelawny Football Association (TFA) Major League Finals. Major League is the highest football league in the parish. as a result of the victory, Clark’s Town will play in the Western Confederation Competition.


Coopers Pen FC

Clark’s Town Qualify For Western Confederation Competition

There, they will attempt to qualify for the highest league in the country, the National Premier League. Another Trelawny team is already in the Confed, Clark’s Town old nemesis of the 1980’s and 1990’s, Village United from Falmouth.


Clark’s Town FC

Fire FC Win Trelawny Division One Final

The finals was held on Sunday at Elleston Wakeland Sports Complex and in the first game of the double header, Fire FC beat Daniel Town 1-0 on aggregate, to win the Trelawny Division One competition. The Division One offers qualification to the Major League and finalists have been promoted to next year’s Major League.


Fire FC celebrate victory in Trelawny Division One

Exciting Game

Last week’s first leg final of the Major League was a lack lustre 0-0 tie, but this week’s encounter was the opposite. It was an attacking game that produced 4 goals in the first 90 minutes of full time play. Unfortunately, a good game was marred by poor refereeing. Clark’s Town should have had at least 2 players sent off, including double goal scorer Dane Johnson. These three photos show both intent and execution:


Johnson chasing Noble



Getting ready for the hit – Paul Reid Photo

Dane Johnson - foul

The hit – Paul Reid Photo

The game was stopped and a fight almost developed on field because of the incident. Both the referee and his assistant were adamant that it only merited a yellow card.


Game stopped because of the incident

The Coopers Pen goalkeeper appeared to want to balance things up a bit. He should have been sent off for stomping after Johnson, after he had collected the ball.

First Half

Poor officiating aside, in the first 15 minutes, Cooper’s Pen dominated the attack, but wasted the opportunities they created. The tide shifted towards CT for a few minutes. That was all it took for the ever threatening Dane “Beachie” Johnson to slot past the Coopers Pen keeper for a 1-0 lead.

Dane “Beachie” Johnson (20) scores the first goal for Clark’s Town

Two minutes later, Andre Palmer of Coopers Pen, playing towards Falmouth hospital with the wind as his ally, shot one from just inside the 18 yards box. The Clark’s Town keeper got his fingers to it, but with the strong wind blowing the ball, he could not prevent it going into his goal.


Andre Palmer scores for Coopers Pen from long distance.




I almost had it! Coopers Pen equalizes to make it 1-1

Within the next four minutes, Coopers Pen were at it again. The Clark’s Town defense line fall asleep, appealing for an offside. The Coppers Pen sharpshooter Shaunavon McKenzie supplied a cross and Cecil Noble hit the net without any opposition.


Coopers Pen makes it 2-1

The half ended 2-1 in favour of Coopers Pen.

Second Half

On the resumption, Coopers Pen continued to look the better team. In the 61st minute (unofficially), Dane Johnson, struck again for Clark’s Town. The former William Knibb and Cornwall College striker got away from his defender and side-footed past the advancing Coopers Pen keeper.


Dane “Beachie” Johnson beats the Coopers Pen goalkeeper to make it 2-2


Dane Johnson makes it 2-2



The extremely physical game ended 2-2 in regular time. There were lots of clashes and near fights between both teams.


The match almost got out of hand when big Dane Johnson chased the smaller Coopers Pen goalkeeper. This was after the keeper kicked behind in the direction of Johnson after collecting the ball. Coopers Pen spectators walked on the pitch to defend the keeper.

Extra Time

The game went into extra time, which was two halves of 10 minutes each. After the 20 minutes, no more goals were scored. It was time for penalties.


In the end, Coopers Pen had a miserable day in the penalty kicks. scoring only 1 while missing 2. Clark’s Town, on the other hand, missed one and scored 3. It was therefore a 3-1 victory and Clark’s Town FC is now the champion of the 2015 National Rums of Jamaica, Trelawny Football Association (TFA) Trelawny Major League. We wish them luck in the Western Confederation League (Confed).


Here are more pictures from the game:


Match Officials


Coopers Pen team walks onto the field


MP Patrick Atkinson meets the Clark’s Town players


The Trelawny Major League trophy


This defender from Clark’s Town had an outstanding game in defence. Coopers Pen’s leading goalscorer (in blue and yellow), Shaunavon McKenzie looks on.


Coopers Pen comes close once again


Riddim Fitness Trainer, Robert Hanshaw (left) and Cowell in converstation during the game.


Falmouth business. From left: Flecke (in red), Bulbie (in black) and Bull (in blue)


Coopers Pen defender clears away from the ever threatening Dane Johnson.


Johnson thinks he has the winner for Clark’s Town…


…but Lamar Brown is there to clear off the line.


President of the Trelawny Football Association, Linnel McLean Jnr. chats with reporter, Paul Reid.


MVP Dane Johnson from Clark’s Town FC


Clark’s Town goalkeeper is congratulated


Clark’s Town captain receives the winning trophy

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