UK Visitor Attempts Suicide

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A UK visitor is in the Falmouth hospital recovering from knife wounds, allegedly self-inflicted. This after a quarrel with his girlfriend, also from the United Kingdom. More from this Observer report by Horace Hines. FALMOUTH, Trelawny — Following an altercation with his girlfriend, a UK tourist was on Friday admitted at the Falmouth Public General...

Police on the hunt for killer of Trelawny taxi driver

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I passed the scene of the crime in Carey Park Sunday night, stopped, and saw the man slumped in the car, but could not ascertain his identity. It is with shock that I realized that it was 52-year old Eric Lee Anderson of Zion in Martha Brae, a former customer of mine back in the...

Taxi Driver Killed, Police Woman injured in Carey Park traffic stop

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The driver of a taxi is dead and a police woman shot and injured after a traffic stop (spot check) in Carey Park (near Duncans) here in Trelawny, went haywire earlier tonight. The taxi, a white corolla station wagon was seen off the road, engine still running, headlights on, pointing in a westerly direction (toward...

Man shot and killed across the road from Wakefield Police Station

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A man was shot and killed in Wakefield, Trelawny yesterday morning. The man was shot opposite the Wakefield police station after 9 am Sunday morning. Unofficial reports are that men were heard quarrelling and then explosions were heard. It is reported that one man was shot by a legal firearm holder. A lone police came out of the station...

6 family members massacred in Hanover

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The north westernmost parish in Jamaica, formerly the most peaceful parish, is in serious trouble. The parish is facing what the Minister of National Security, Peter Bunting correctly describes as a murder spree. In the most recent sets of killings before last night, 3 were murdered in St Simon, in the hills close to Lucea...

Salt Marsh residents living in fear – six murders in recent weeks leaves community tense

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The murder of 20-year-old Michael Brown, who was also called ‘Chris’ of a Anchovy, St James address,is the latest in a string of 6 murders, that has left the town of Salt Marsh in a state of fear. He was gunned down by unknown assailants a little over a week ago. The police is blaming...

Man stabbed in Falmouth a week ago was not ‘would be robber’ – family claims

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A week ago, we re-posted an article originally posted in the Jamaica Observer entitled “Falmouth would-be robber killed with his own knife.” This was the story of the death of Sean “Pabby” Clarke of Water Lane in Falmouth. Since then a family member has come forward complaining about the post, saying it is in fact...

Kidnapped Carey Park Woman Returns Home

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Carey Park residents are breathing a sigh of relief after the woman kidnapped 4 days ago, has been found in Manchester. Unofficial reports are that she was rescued by a Rastafarian. Details of the rescue are not yet available. The woman, Sharon Black, nee Bailey, of a Carey Park address, was taken to the Mandeville...

Spike in Trelawny Murders – Parish Falls in National Ranking, 20% increase islandwide

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  A spike in murders between the end of June and September 5, has seen the parish of Trelawny fall in ranking of safest parishes to live in Jamaica. For the 6 month period January to end of June 2015, the murder tally was at 8. However, during half the time (June to September), 9...

Woman Kidnapped in Carey Park

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According to unofficial reports, a woman was kidnapped at a villa in Carey Park, Trelawny last night. The woman, who is from Carey Park and works at the villa, was showing the visitor around the villa when she was snatched. The kidnappers are reportedly asking for a ransom of $6 million for her safe return.