Can Courtney ‘Colourman’ Fowler Upset Garth Wilkinson in Falmouth?

Is there an upset brewing in Falmouth? The Falmouth division of the Trelawny Parish Council is shaping up into an interesting race in the 2016 Local Government Elections. It is a battle between two contrasting persons. First there is the eloquent, college graduate and sitting Mayor Garth Wilkinson. His opponent is the not so eloquent primary school graduate (Falmouth All-Age), Courtney “Colourman” Fowler.

Extremely Difficult Division to Win

First of all, let us get one thing straight. It will be extremely difficult for “Colourman” to upset Wilkinson. Falmouth simply has just too many hardcore PNP voters. For “Colourman” to win, many of these PNP voters would have to switch loyalty from the PNP and vote for the JLP Fowler. There are just not enough JLP votes in Falmouth for a JLP victory.

Good for him, this is local government elections, where emphasis is not so much on party, and people will be more likely to vote against their own party if they think the other party has a better candidate. Will they consider him the better candidate?

The Donald Trump of Falmouth?

On the streets, “Colourman” is being dubbed “The Donald Trump” of Falmouth. He is an underdog who most people would not think has a chance in the world to win. He has all the odds stacked against him.

He is often mocked for his lack of a formal education. He did not even attend a secondary school. It is said he can’t give a speech. Why is that?


A Life of Struggles

Fowler grew up a poor child in the Compound area of Cornwall Street. He struggled most of his life. School became a luxury he could not afford.

Deejay Colourman

He got the name “Colourman” from the days when he was a popular deejay in Falmouth. He turned to the deejay world as a means of getting out of poverty. The name was inspired by “Yellowman,” the albino who rose from an orphanage to become one of the most successful deejays in Jamaica’s popular music history.

Fowler’s success as a deejay however, was limited and his struggle continued. He tried his hands at everything to carve out a living for himself and his family.

Success in Business

Over the years, Fowler’s struggles helped him develop street smarts that molded him into the successful businessman he is today. He now operates a used motor vehicle sale business as well as a busy food business on Lower Parade Street in Falmouth.

Making Inroads in Falmouth Division

The PNP bedrock of Falmouth is warming to Fowler, who they see not primarily as a labourite, but as a Falmouth man who will look after the town of Falmouth.

He is creating quite a stir on the ground. Because he was born and grown in Falmouth and because of his generous spirit, charisma and connection with the common man, he is no longer considered a joke. The common question is now: “yu think Colourman can beat Garth?” Less people are dismissing the possibility.

For example, he has reportedly swung the young people of “Hill” in Race Course as well as those in Hague Land Settlement (home of former residents of Dump). These were rock solid PNP areas.


Public Opinion Against Wilkinson

On the ground, there is widespread dissatisfaction with Wilkinson’s tenure as a Councillor and Mayor. I am actually surprised to hear how many die hard PNP voters are speaking against Garth Wilkinson. His perceived inability to keep Falmouth clean as well as other problems are weighing against him. Many of the persons who voted for him say they feel alienated from him during his tenure as Mayor.

I am equally surprised at how many are openly saying they will be voting for Fowler. Will Fowler be able to get enough of these ‘protest votes?’ In Falmouth Division, Garth can be a bad candidate and still come out victorious.

Barber Shop Talk

I was in a barber shop this morning and the PNP barber told me there might be an upset. Being away from politics, I told him I do not think a JLP can win Falmouth. He told me that I might just get a surprise. He then went on to tell me what was happening on the ground. He said Fowler was taking away the PNP votes.

He pointed to a walk done by Fowler on Thursday. He said the road was almost blocked due to the amount of cars and people from Falmouth supporting him. He said the PNP cannot even get a meeting together. I had no way to vouch whether or not this is true.

Long Campaign

Indeed, “Colourman” was criticized for starting his campaign much too soon and has been doing his ground work for almost two years. His work was said to be a big contributing factor for the good showing of the JLP in Falmouth during the general elections of February 25 this year.

Courtney “Colourman” Fowler nominated JLP candidate for the Falmouth Division in Local Government Elections 2016

Lone Ranger

“Colourman” runs his own campaign and is a lone ranger, although he is new to representational politics. He plans his own itinerary and funds the campaign himself. It is said he even organized his own election day indoor agents who will replaced the established agents who worked for the JLP during previous elections. So far, his lone wolf approach appears to be working. As to whether it will be enough, it is left to be seen.

Upset in the Making?

Judging from what I have heard, it will be interesting to see what happens in this division. Will Wilkinson be able to brush aside the challenge of the man from ‘Compound,’ or will Courtney “Colourman” Fowler be able to pull of a “Donald Trump” victory? The smart bet is on Wilkinson, but strange things are happening these days, you never know. Watch the Falmouth Division on the evening of Election Day November 28, 2016. There could just be a monumental upset from a most unlikely candidate.

NOTE: An invitation has been sent to Fowler’s opponent, Mayor Garth Wilkinson for an election feature here on Falmouth News. It has been forwarded to the Member of Parliament Victor Wright as Wilkinson has never answered any of our communiques. We are all for equity here at Falmouth News, so we hope he responds soon. 




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