Jobs for the future

Commercial Center

In April 2015, at the ground breaking ceremony for the new Falmouth market, there was an excellent piece of news to which not many paid attention. Mayor Garth Wilkinson broke the news that a commercial center was to be established on the land on the other side of the Falmouth to Martha Brae Road.

Business Process Outsourcing Industry (BPO)

This is not really news as it was stated long ago in the initial plans for the Falmouth development. What is news, is that the area will see the introduction of the business process outsourcing(BPO) industry to the parish. In his address, Transport and Works Minister Omar Davies says he has tasked the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) with the development of the business process outsourcing(BPO) industry and Falmouth is one of the chosen locations.

Mayor of Falmouth, Garth Wilkinson

Apart from the tourism industry, the ICT sector is one of the largest employers of young persons from Trelawny. Based in Montego Bay Freeport, it has rescued many young persons seeking employment. Now with the expected establishment in Trelawny, Wilkinson is imploring young persons to get prepared.

Jobs For The Future

Speaking with the Observer West, Wilkinson said: “We will encourage young persons to increase their educational standard in readiness for the job creations that we will have, which is so important in the parish right now. We have to make sure that our young people are trained for all of that because that (BPO) is going to come very fast,”

With employment in the country at an high, it is important that persons ready trained to fill these jobs. After all, people in other parishes also need work. If we are sleeping, they will come and take the jobs, and we will be still left complaining that we cannot find work.

Good News for Trelawny

This is good news for the future of our parish. The Falmouth market is slated for completion in December. Let’s hope that the new commercial area will also be quickly setup to create the additional employment as soon as possible.


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