Bredda shot and killed

22-year old Demoy Brown, better known as ‘Bredda’ of 37 Queen Street in Falmouth, was shot and killed last night.

Bredda was killed at the corner of Georges Street and Queen Street, just a stone’s throw away from his home. He was a member of the Green family (great grandson of Chippie Green). He is the son of Yvonne ‘Reds’ Harriott. The shooting incident occurred at about 1:30 am.

Reports are that Bredda was shot 12 times.


The incident has shocked family and residents alike as Bredda was never involved in violence or gang related activity around him. Even more shocking to those who knew him was the fact that he was shot a dozen times. The question everyone seems to be asking is, what could Bredda have done to deserve 12 shots?

bredda-demoy-brown-2His was a story of a young man who had just found his way forward. He used to be unemployed, doing odd jobs for people to get by. A few weeks ago, he started working a regular job for the first time in his life. Last night, his life was taken away, and the senseless killing wasting the future of our young men continues.


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