An elderly woman was beheaded this morning in front of the Falmouth Post Office.


Elfreda ‘Joycelyn’ Gomez

Unofficial reports are that she was standing awaiting the opening of the Post Office in order to collect her pension. A man of unsound mind reportedly attacked her and chopped her to the face and neck in front of several onlookers.

The woman is 71-year old Elfreda Gomez, also known as “Joycelyn” of a Wakeland drive, Falmouth address. Her attacker is also said to be of a Race Course, Falmouth address and goes by the nickname: “Killer.”

Ironically, the previous beheading in Hague (Falmouth) on October 9, also has as its suspect a man of unsound mind.

It is reported that he had earlier attacked a school girl, but was thwarted by a ‘back-up man’ (bus loader). He got angry and walked down to the post office, where he took out his rage on the hapless woman.

Reports are that he attacked her and walked across the road to Victoria Mutual Building Society, turned back and resumed his attack.

It is also said that instead of helping the woman, persons were more concerned with taking pictures and videos. ‘Killer’ allegedly walked westerly on Cornwall Street after committing the act, while persons were on their phones or standing by.


Falmouth Post Office on the right. The red painted area is where the attack took place, at the entrance door to the post office. This picture was taken the day before the murder took place.

Graphic photos and videos can be seen floating around social media, but these will not be posted here.

Here is a picture of the suspect in custody.

suspect in beheading of woman in falmouth now in custody

Suspect in beheading of woman in Falmouth now in custody

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  1. Gypsy

    I used to live near Falmouth and went weekly to Bend down market, and to the post office, can’t believe Falmouth has got so bad in such a short time.