A Bounty Hall youth was murdered in a drive-by shooting last Wednesday night.

From: The Gleaner

Seventeen year-old Rojae Dean of Bounty Hall in Trelawny has become the 20th murder victim in the parish.

He was killed in a drive-by shooting while standing on Pinnock Street in the community around 9:30 last night.

Bounty Hall is an adjoining community to Wakefield where about half the murders in Trelawny have been committed.

The majority of them have been by drive-by shootings.




  1. Jamaica seems to have lost its identity. The only people in America driving by someone and shooting them are black people. We have become a people who want to be less Jamaican and more American, so now we have dropped our pants so the crack in our backside is showing, we refer to one another as niggas, we are robing and killing as if we are trying to out do our counterparts in America. My question is how are the guns coming into our country, and what are the officials intention in combating these crimes. Wake up Jamaica, from your cultural slumber, your materialistic dreams, and your reality filled nightmares, you are not Americans, so stop trying to be someone you are not. If you live by the sword you must die by the sword. Its time to bring back the death penalty, the crimes that we are committing against humanity demands this!!!!!!

    I am now ashamed to let anyone know I am from Jamaica.


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