Shaniece Watt
Shaniece (centre)

The body of a woman that was found in a shallow grave in Salt Spring, St James, has been identified as that of Shaniece Watt of Deeside in Trelawny.

On Wednesday, August 26th, residents of Salt Spring reported a foul odor coming from a section of the community. The police, who were summoned on Thursday morning, went to the area where they found the partially decomposing body of the woman. The body was clad in a blue blouse and burgundy shorts with the name “Kawanna” tattooed on her right upper arm.


Shaniece Watt-1
Shaniece Watt (centre)

The name on the tattoo and the description was broadcast on the air, and family members, who last saw her the Monday before, were alerted. They went and identified the body as that of Shaniece Watt.


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