Traditional Jamaican Dance

Traditional Jamaican dance is still being kept alive by dance groups island-wide. These groups are mainly comprised of kids under the tutorship of adults, which ensures that the culture lives on.

Artistry In Motion

Here in Falmouth, Jamaica, there is a group of dancers called Artistry in Motion, who keep our culture alive through dance. These kids were doing a promo for a fund raising concert by performing in Water Square, Falmouth. Good thing I had my old Blackberry Playbook on hand at that time, so I was able to capture the moment.

Good thing I did, as the video has done very well on YouTube. As of writing, it has garnered 48,346 views with 242 likes and 27 comments. Take a look at this entertaining video from Artistry in Motion: Jamaican traditional dance with its heavy African influence:

Still want more? Take a look at part 2.


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