UsainOstrava pulls out of paris - lausanne

Bad news for Usain Bolt fans. He has pulled out of the Paris and Lausanne Grand Prix meets. He was scheduled to compete in the the IAAF Diamond League in Paris (July 4) and 5 days later in Lausanne (July 9).

In our previous Usain bolt post, we revealed that Usain had also withdrawn from the JAAA National Senior Athletic Championship. Bolt was pulled by coach Glen Mills after his performance in training on the Wednesday preceding the championship.

Good news, however, is that we now know exactly what Usain’s problem is. Bolt consulted with renowned doctor Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt​ in Germany. He has been diagnosed with a blocked sacroiliac joint which is restricting his movement and putting pressure on his knee and ankle. The injury is located in the joint between his spine and pelvis.

“I’m disappointed not to be able to compete in Paris and Lausanne,” Bolt said. “I love running at these meetings but at the moment I am unable to compete at 100%. I look forward to getting back into full training as soon as possible.”

The injury is not major, and Usain will spend the next 2 days in Munich getting treatment. Afterwards, he will resume training for the World Championsips in Beijing, which, as of writing, is only 53 days away.

Can Usain recover fast enough to defend his 100m and 200m titles? It will take a super human effort that may just be outside the reach of even the great Usain Bolt. With best times of 10.12 in the 100-meter and 20.13 in the 200-meter, he is well behind the pack, which is led by Justin Gatlin of the USA. It’s a race against time.


Source: Usain Bolt



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