Usain Bolt (right)

It was with great anticipation today, that we awaited the result of Usain Bolt’s 200 meters time at the New York Grand Prix (Diamond League).

The World Track & Field Championship this year is only 2 months away (August 22-30) in Beijing, and Justin Gatlin has been clocking some excellent times since last season. Gatlin turned in 19.68 over 200 meters on the 30th May, preceded by a 9.74 in the 100 meters on the 15th of May. Amidst all that, Usain was posting relatively slow times.

It was therefore with anxiety that fans of Usain watched to see, not if he would win, but in what time he would cover the race. Anything below 20 seconds would suffice. We just wanted to know he was on the right track

usain bolt 200 meters new york grand prix
Diamond League, New York Grand Prix 2015 – 200 meters results.

In the end, Usain clocked 20.28 seconds, and now most track experts and even Usain himself, are worried. In an interview after the race, Bolt said he was concerned, as he was doing the work, but when it comes to race day, he was not executing. “This is one of the worst races I’ve run, the curve was definitely the worst,” bolt said. On the positive side, he acknowledged that things aren’t going right, and that he will fix it.

I will dare say that taking 2014 off is taking a toll. In a previous article two days ago, we spoke of how Bolt was 73 on the Forbes list of World’s Highest-Paid Athletes. In 2014, Bolt made almost all of his income from endorsements. He made a paltry US $15,000 from running on the track, contrasted with US$21 million in endorsements.

Additionally, he is not getting any younger (he will be 29 in August). That year’s lay off at this age is proving a challenge for Usain.

Still, if anyone can overcome this challenge, it is Usain Bolt. The question is, will he be able to do it by August 22? The Bird’s Nest stadium, where the Trelawny native broke 3 world records in 2008, threatens to be the venue of his greatest disappointments in 2015.

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