The north westernmost parish in Jamaica, formerly the most peaceful parish, is in serious trouble. The parish is facing what the Minister of National Security, Peter Bunting correctly describes as a murder spree.

In the most recent sets of killings before last night, 3 were murdered in St Simon, in the hills close to Lucea on September 17. All 3 were members of the same family. Two days later, at a wake in Lucea, 2 were killed.

Last night, the murders took on a different dimension. 6 members of the same family were shot and killed, while 4 other family members are now injured following a massacre in Longwood, Hanover after which the house was set on fire.

The National Security Minister as well as the Commissioner of Police were scheduled to visit the crime scene.

A record 54 murders have now been recorded in Hanover since the start of the year, in one of the smallest parishes in Jamaica, which spans only 166 square miles (430 square kilometers). The spike has been blamed on the lottery scam, which continues to wreak havoc, mainly in St James, Westmoreland and Hanover.

During the 3rd week of September, Hanover had a higher murder rate than the entire Kingston and St Andrew combined. Hanover has an approximate population of 70,000, compared to Kingston with more than 10 times the population at 750,000.

Hanover has a huge problem.


From The Jamaica Observer

HANOVER, Jamaica – Gunmen allegedly pounced on a family of 10 in Longwood, Hanover last night, killing six members before setting the nine-apartment board house ablaze.

Two teens and an elderly woman are reportedly dead while another teen and an elderly man are said to be in critical condition at hospital.

When contacted, the police’s Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said police were still processing the scene. The unit was unable to provide further details.


Curated from: The Jamaica Observer


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