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Four Injured In Accident At Royalton Construction Site In Trelawny

An accident at the Royalton Hotel in Coopers Pen, Falmouth, Trelawny yesterday, has left 4 persons injured. The incident took place during the installation of glass on the property.

Royalton now has two hotels adjacent to each other. Royalton White Sands is the original Trelawny Beach/Starfish hotel that has been refurbished.

Royalton has constructed two new buildings adjacent to the original property known as Royalton Blue Waters. This is a 228 room all-inclusive property. On November 10, Royalton announced on social media (Facebook): “Please allow us to introduce to you our newly opened sister resort, #RoyaltonBlueWaters! #LuxuryAccommodation.

It is not certain on which of the two resorts the accident occurred.

From The Gleaner

Four workers were injured in a reported accident at the construction site at the Royalton Blue Waters hotel in Trelawny this morning (Monday November 14, 2016).

It is reported that the workers were installing glass fixtures when the accident occurred.

The injured workers were taken to hospital for treatment.

Mayor of Falmouth, Garth Wilkinson, who confirmed the incident says a technical team from the parish council has been dispatched to the site to conduct an investigation and provide him with a report.

Local Government Minister, Desmond McKenzie, says he’s awaiting a report of the incident.

This is the second construction accident at a Royalton property this year.

In May, five construction workers were injured after the collapse of a section of the Blue Diamond Royalton hotel construction site in Negril, Hanover.


Meanwhile, Falmouth’s Mayor Garth Wilkinson has said that an investigation into the incident by the Trelawny Parish Council (TPC) has revealed that there was no breach by Royalton and therefore no action will be taken against them.

He said the accident occurred after a section of the concrete awning around the hotel collapsed while workmen were installing a glass pane.

According to the Mayor, no guests were injured or even endangered through the incident.


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