23-Year Old Found Floating in South Trelawny River with Throat Slashed

Shayan Bromfield

The murder tally keeps going up in Trelawny with the discovery of the body of 23-year old Shayan Bromfield of Troy in south (upper) Trelawny. Bromfield’s death is the second throat slashing in southern Trelawny within the past 2 weeks.

A Facebook friend of his described the scene:

This is where shayan body has been dump across from the hectors river few blocks from the troy bridge at the border between trelawny and Manchester peeps describe that the body has been half burn and dump in the water hole scull has been seen flesh leaving the body on the scene just now

From 3Jamaica.com:

After fourteen (14) days of being missing, the family of 23 years old Shayan Bromfield have received confirmation of the worst.

The family raised alarm two weeks ago when Shayan could not be found and tonight they are morning for what they feared the most.

Tonight (August 4), the body of the 23 year old was found floating in a river in his Troy community of Southern Trelawny.

shayan bromfield found in river

The river in which Shayan Bromfield was found

Bromfield was found with his throat slashed but the cause of death has not yet been ascertained.

The police only recently arrived at the scene where the body was found.

Allegations are that the murder is in relation to fueds involving the now popular lottery scamming.

More details to come pending further investigations.


Curated from 3Jamaica.com


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