Hanover continues to add to its murder tally and consolidate its position in the Top 3 most murderous parishes in the west (along with St James and Westmoreland). Vinton Campbell, a 22-year old from Brissett in the parish was shot and killed while 3 others (ncluding 2 foreigners) are battling for life in the hospital.


Four shot, one killed, in Hanover

Two female foreign nationals are among three persons now battling for life in hospital, after they were shot in Hanover this morning. They and a fourth person, who subsequently died, were shot by a gunman in Brissett, Hanover.

The deceased has been identified as 22 year-old Vinton Campbell, a resident of Brissett.

Shortly after 2.00 a.m., the four were passengers in a motor vehicle, when it blocked the path of a white motor car on the narrow roadway.

It’s reported that an occupant of the white motor car alighted, pulled a firearm and began firing shots in their direction. All four occupants were shot.

The police were summoned and took the injured to hospital.

Mr Campbell was pronounced dead, while the other victims have been hospitalised in critical condition.


Curated from: RJR Online


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