Police stand by the car that was used by the gunmen.

It was high drama in Falmouth, Trelawny today as police and gunmen were engaged in a shootout.

It all began in Montego Bay, when a businessman left a financial institution on his way to Trelawny. He saw some suspicious men and was on the alert. The men followed him and made their move at Chill Out Hut in Greenwood, trying to get him off the road.

Some fierce driving ensued and the businessman called the police who were waiting at the corner of the Falmouth Bypass and the Falmouth Main Road (from the Salt Marsh Main road).

The gunmen were baited into a trap and the hunters suddenly became the hunted, with the police now giving chase.

The high speed pursuit continued onto Cornwall Street in Falmouth, until the driver of the grey car stopped at the intersection with Newton Street and the shoot-out began.


All 4 occupants of the car ran in different directions.

Eyewitnesses said three ran into the PNP office property, jumped the back fence and escaped.

One proved that he did not know Falmouth when he ran down Newton Street onto the Falmouth Fisherman beach. That is close to the police station and a dead end.

Eyewitnesses said that he went to the beach and hid behind a boat with gun in hand. He was there for more than 10 minutes. When the police came, he fired two shots in their direction and ran into the sea. Bad idea. He was shot in the water.

After his death, the police had to dive in search of the gun, which they eventually found.

Meanwhile, reports are that one other ended up in the direction of Compound with an injury to the leg. He ended up going to the clinic for treatment and is now in custody.

The two other men were later picked up and are now also in custody.



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